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We Watch Shudder

The [squelch] Files

An Homage to The Greatest Subtitle of All Time: [SQUELCH]

Horror movies are FULL of [squelching] subtitles. Once you’re aware of them, they’re impossible to avoid. We’ve started collecting every squelch we encounter and will be updating this collection as more are discovered.

See a [squelch] that looks familiar but not sure where to place it? Click the image to expand it and see the title. This will also allow you to “like” your favorites, leave comments, share, or whatever else you want to do with the [squelch]! We won’t judge!

Have a [squelch] you want to contribute? Please email [email protected] and include the screenshot, source, and the name you’d like displayed as the submitter.

For more squelch-related insanity, check out the We Watch Shudder podcast, streaming wherever you get your podcasts.

Collected Squelches