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We Watch Shudder

Who watches Shudder?

We Watch Shudder!

Welcome to the We Watch Shudder podcast! We’re dedicated horror enthusiasts who dive deep into the dark, eerie world of Shudder. Join us as we review, rate, and discuss the spookiest, creepiest, and most thrilling horror movies.


Our podcast is your go-to source for everything horror on Shudder, offering insights, ratings, and lively discussions. Discover who watches Shudder with us and become a part of our horror-loving community!

We Watch Shudder co-host JD Provorse

JD Provorse

Born and (mostly) raised in Jamestown, ND, JD Provorse spent about a decade on the radio in both Jamestown and Fargo, and then spent about another decade performing stand-up comedy all over upper middle America. JD has also been more or less addicted to movies, especially horror movies, since he was old enough to understand them. (Editor’s note: It’s debatable JD understands them.)


JD is a pretty stereotypical horror nerd, in that he also enjoys heavy metal music and Dungeons & Dragons and professional wrestling and all the things you get to enjoy when sex isn’t a priority in your life. He also became a technically ordained minister for the same reason he became a radio DJ: Chris in the Morning from “Northern Exposure.” He lives alone, except with a fair mischief of rats, as you would expect.

We Watch Shudder co-host Michelle Roller

Michelle Roller

Michelle Roller won “Best Comedian” from the High Plains Reader in 2016. If you’ve never heard of her, that’s a good indication of how her comedy career is going now. You may know her by Michelle Pearson, but she’s a pessimist who doesn’t feel confident you’ve heard of her by that name either, and honestly, she’d just rather have that possibility out there. During Covid, Michelle only performed via Snapchat videos to her friends; several people have decided not to open her Snaps anymore following “The Ed Sheeran Incident.”

Michelle has been watching horror movies since she was a tiny tot and has seen all the disturbing and horrific movies you can think of. She is rarely scared by movies, which is in direct contrast to her real-life experiences where she is afraid of everything.